Executive Summary as of June 16, 2021

From our initial announcement of Earth M at San Diego Comic-Con, to the 2020 Milestone Returns panel at DC FanDome, fans of classic Milestone comics and comic book fans in general have anxiously awaited the return of the Dakota Universe and its heroes to DC. The return of Milestone in 2021 has been covered across the media spectrum, with Publicity securing coverage across a variety of media segments, with stories hitting on sites like CBR, TheRoot and Publisher’s Weekly

Static Season One #1 has debuted to strong reviews, with an average score of 9.1/10 on (14 media reviews to date), as well as additional positive reviews on other non-scoring media outlets: (10/10)

  • ”This is a great return to the Milestone Universe and I hope that every Milestone comic receives the same care and fantastic storytelling as Static: Season One.”

Comics Beat (“BUY”)

  • “[Writer Vita] Ayala continues to make me a believer in teen superheroes, as they craft a story with flavorful dialog and upbeat pacing with the plot. Complementing that is the Manga-like style that Cross is known for, blended with [Nikolas] Draper-Ivey’s animation/anime aesthetic, using bold coloring, and gritty texturing the artwork is a kinetic force that works for this book.” 
  • “This is a great start for the heroes of Dakota and their new 21st century status quo.” 

Graphic Policy (8.8/10)

  • “Dynamic and crackling with energy.”
  • “The comic is fantastic.”
  • “Ayala delivers a balance of action of the grounded issues of growing up. It delivers a start in a classic style of superhero stories with a look that’s full of energy.”
  • “Static: Season One #1 is a hell of a start that’s well worth checking out and the start of something exciting.”

AiPT Comics (8/10)

  • “Static Season One #1 shocks Milestone back to life”