STATIC & MILESTONE Returning To DC as ‘Earth-M’, With GEOFF JOHNS & JIM LEE Doing New Story, July 11, 2015

Static Shock

At the “DC Entertainment: Meet The Co-Publishers” panel Sunday at Comic-Con International, Jim Lee announced that he and Geoff Johns would be doing an as-yet-untitled one-shot for the new Milestone line at DC. They also revealed that Milestone’s new “Earth-M” universe is one of the seven unnamed universes in Grant Morrison’s Multiversity map.

“We couldn’t be more proud and excited about the opportunity to bring the ‘Dakota’ Universe back to DC,” said DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee. “This is a huge step forward for us in bringing readers a more diversified lineup as part of the new DC Universe, and we’re anxiously looking foward to telling new stories that are socially and culturally impactful and representative of the world in which we live.”

Reginald Hudlin, who recently joined the revived Milestone Media, calls the deal with DC to license their characters again a “complicated one” but one they could not turn down.

“We have to keep this company alive,” said Derek T. Dingle, Milestone co-founder. “We have to maintain diversity in this industry.”

Hudlin mentioned that he’d already begun writing scripts for a Static series, and Icon and Hardware were also mentioned specifically at the press event.