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Next week, Hardware #3 hits, and coming this February, the Milestone super heroes honor the real life heroes who did the most amazing things in the history of the world! Go to for more! #milestonemedia #hardwarecomic #milestonesinhistory


Hardware travels to Singapore to meet up with an old friend to get some long overdue answers. This series continues to be a great read, I really dig the character.

Real history + Milestone heroes with Milestones in History, from DC and Milestone Media in February 2022 as part of Black History Month.
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The Comic Book Bullies - Podcast
- Marvel reanimates Stan Lee via CGI?- Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers movie review (Disney+)- Prey trailer (Hulu)- She-Hulk trailer (Disney+)Vidja Game SectionEvil Dead review (Xbox)Comic Book Reviews- NIGHTWING #92- BATMAN/SUPERMAN: WORLD'S FINEST #3- New Mutants (2019) #25- Thor (2020) #25- SHAOLIN COWBOY: CRUEL TO BE KIN #1- DUO #1 (Milestone Media LLC)Like, Share, and Subscribe!LIKE, SHARE, AND SUBSCRIBE!Audio link: ... See MoreSee Less
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Gwendolyn Jefferies Galmon
#SONson!! Next COVER-PAGE💕 #DCcomics #MarvelComics Milestone Media LLC #THANKFUL💯“My 2nd cover for Milestone Media LLC 🙌🏾 it’s in the wild so I got the go to post it! B cover of Blood Syndicate Season One #2. Tech 9! It’ll be out soon 💪🏾”—-Edwin Galmon Edwin MAURICE Galmon ... See MoreSee Less
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Milestone Media at SDCC 2015